Our Services

Our Civic Partners Network allows us to offer customers temporary workers who are better screened, better trained and a better fit for the customer’s unique needs. At Civic Staffing, we are able to leverage our network of referral partners to produce better outcomes for you in every area of light industrial staffing, including:

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Assessment
  • Delivery
  • Conversion
  • Retention

The result is the service you expect—at a total delivered cost that is typically lower than the competition’s.

Civic Staffing provides appropriate-fit lower-skilled and semi-skilled industrial workers to:

  • FDA-regulated food manufacturing and cosmetics manufacturing industries
  • Contract packaging companies
  • Warehouse/distribution companies

When you partner with Civic Staffing, you can take advantage of:

A Prepared Workforce

Hassle-Free Service Options

Risk-Free Hiring

Cost-Effective Staffing

Our Civic Partners Network allows us to provide temporary workers:

  • With flexibility and scalability
  • At a lower total delivered cost than is typical of our competition
  • With free temp-to-perm conversion if desired

Increased Productivity

  • Reduction or elimination of OSHA-reportable accidents
  • Motivated temporary workers

Screened for attitude, skill sets, wage expectations and commuting time

We screen temporary workers according to the specific requirements of our individual customers. Depending on your unique needs, this screening process may include pre-assignment testing, interviews, group orientations and pre-employment background checks.

Civic Staffing recruits a wide variety of men and women through its Civic Partners Network of service providers and complies with all equal opportunity laws.

Vendor-On-Premises Site Supervision

At the discretion of our larger business customers, Civic Staffing will assign its own staff to directly supervise and coach temporary workers. On-site vendor support makes the customer service interface more responsive and affords additional protection from potential co-employment or joint employment claims.

20/20 View

Civic Staffing’s 20/20 View service is a risk-free option for directly hiring regular, full-time employees. With 20/20 View, businesses can see how job applicants perform at their facility for up to 90 days. During this time, the candidates remain on our Civic Staffing payroll, and clients are charged a modest hourly fee for the actual time worked.